Broken Spirit

It happens unsuspectingly 
in ways you’d never guess.
It drops right in to challenge you 
and put your spirit to the test.

It comes packaged up in your friends
and in your family too.
No matter how you arm yourself
it’s there to threaten you.

When it strikes you will know it
but you still may be surprised
that the blow to break your spirit
was right there before your eyes.

You can stop and let it wound you
or ask others what to do
but if you fail to learn its lesson
it will return to tutor you.

               - Gail Lindsay
Who Can You Be ...

To some you’ll be hope
to others strength.
A voice in the silence
a light in the dark.
A hand to hold
someone to comfort.
Just who can you be? 

With some you’ll share  joy
with others grief.
An encouraging word
a listening ear.
A sad goodbye
a newborn’s cry.
My, who can you be?

Some days you’ll feel glad
and others drained.
A smile for the healed
a shoulder for tears.
A halo shines
an angel disguised.
You’re a nurse you see.

                      - Gail Lindsay
An Angel in Disguise

She doesn’t have a halo
or wings so she can fly
but she’s more than a mother
she’s an angel in disguise.

She has no special powers
or magic up her sleeve
but if you need miracles
in her you can believe.

Just like a professional
she guides with skillful care.
The many lives she touches
 are thankful she is there.

See she’s very special and 
her gift you’re sure to know.
She’s a mom and an angel
sent to earth to help you grow.

-       Gail Lindsay

Good Things To Come

Its easy to get discouraged 
when things don’t go your way,
and all that you’ve been working for 
is lost in just a day.

When you want something so much 
you would do anything to get it,
but no matter what you try to do 
you’re told to just forget it.

Sometimes you are not able 
to see the long-term view,
so you think things aren’t going 
the way that they ought to.

It’s then that you must be strong 
and not give up your dream,
that wish that you’ve been wishing for 
is closer than it seems.

So don’t give up and don’t feel down
but remember that you should,
believe the best is yet to come
and all things work together for good.

-       Gail Lindsay
Let Me Out of This Place

There are times when I just want to leave
to drop out of the race,
hide in the country or the beach
or any other place.

There are days when I wish that everyone 
would just leave me alone.
I’d much rather be somewhere without
chaos, stress or phones.

There are moments when I’d like to run
to somewhere safe and sound,
where no one really knows my name
and I never could be found.

Somewhere with beauty and blue skies,
with sunshine and clear streams,
where I could spend some time alone
with just my thoughts and dreams.

But then I realize that this place   
has many good things too,
and if I left I’d miss them
but mostly I’d miss you.

-       Gail Lindsay