Life’s Lessons

You will never
please everyone so don’t try.
You will never
have everything so don’t compare.
You will never
be complete so keep growing.
You will always
want something from your past
so don’t feel guilty.
You will always
be missing at least one thing
so keep searching.
You will always
need love and comfort
so keep praying.
Places You’ve Been

When you wonder why you are
where you are,
Think about where you’ve been.
Have you been the best that you could be
to strangers and to friends?
Have you taken time to help someone
who may have been in need?
Did you think of sharing what you had
or were you full of greed?
Did you say a kind word,
lend an ear or ever really show
the kind of love that you
would want if you were feeling low?

The place you’re at is not by chance,
you didn’t just arrive.
You are your own experience
and here’s the reason why.
They say that what you give,
you’ll get returned to you times ten.
So where you are is really just
exactly where you’ve been.

Gail Lindsay